Don’t Fix it yourself

Thinking of using “data recovery” software to retrieve your data?

Think again. Most commercially available data transfer programs can only recover but so much from damaged storage media. When it comes to hard drives, flash drives or any storage media with physical damage, they’re incapable of true recovery. What good is software on a barely functioning storage media?

Reading a hard drive in particular is better left to professionals. The internal structure of a hard drive is composed of platters. Inside those platters are sectors, which randomly store your data. Many programs are incapable of properly reading damaged sectors, which means they can’t recover your full files and documents.

We have two means of doing just that:

  • Our Cleanroom process involves engineers diligently examining every sector of your hard drive.
  • Our DSAT machinery has a mechanism that batches incomplete files and reconfigures to specifically target the sectors needed to complete that file. (For instance, if you have word files, don’t worry about your recovered document being scrambled beyond recognition, which can happen with some data recovery programs.)

We have provided forensic level repair for the FBI and US military. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience. If we can’t recover the data, it simply can’t be recovered. As cliché as it sounds, don’t try this at home. Contact us today to properly recover all of your data!