I spilled coffee on my laptop which contained all my data and programs. The thought of having to start over with a new laptop made me dizzy; not to mention the expense and hours of shopping and work that was needed. I rushed my laptop to a local major mega store that prides itself on their tech support - and wasted plenty of time and money - only to be told the task of repairing the laptop is too costly and probably out of their league. I brought my laptop to LaptopMD and they accepted the challenge at a very reasonable price. They replaced and cleaned all the affected parts. I got my Laptop back and it’s like it was never damaged. LaptopMD did a few major surgeries on my laptop and saved its life and mine; without bankrupting me! They are very friendly and service orianted, starting from brewing coffee for you to giving you access to their laptops while you are waiting to texting you when your item is ready. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Jumbo, New York