My IBM ThinkPad T60 (2.5 years young) randomly blue screened and read "Unmountable Boot Volume". Wouldn't boot in Safe Mode, wouldn't boot in Normal Mode, and couldn't even test the drivers to see what was wrong. It made funny sounds too. The computer was fried and it wouldn't even get to the Windows Log-in screen.

I took this sad laptop to Data Recovery MD, Ross quoted the price to recover my data, put a new hard drive in to replace the one that busted, and to reinstall my sweet sweet Windows XP (I really do like XP). I thought about it... then figured it was better than buying a new lappy for 1000+.

2 days later I got my computer for less than the price quoted (Thanks 10% discounts!!), it runs fast, all my files are recovered (even my Outlook emails), the hard drive is so monstrous I can fit way more data, and I feel alive again.

Cleperson L., Chicago, IL