Turn around

Come into our Manhattan offices or ship your device in from anywhere in the United States or Canada! We offer a turnaround time as fast as 24-48 hours on most recoveries.

The speed of your data recovery depends entirely upon the severity of your storage media’s damage. For recovery of deleted files from healthy media, it’s a swift process. In as little as 24 hours, we can retrieve your data and return it for you. Local clients can expect same day service.

For physically damaged, clicking hard drives, the process can be more tedious. If your hard drive is completely non functional and needs our cleanroom service, it may take an incalculable amount of time. We simultaneously prioritize the effectiveness of data recovery with your needs.

For most damaged hard drives our DSAT technology mirrors data at the fastest rate in the industry, 180MB per second. But again, it entirely depends on the damage to the internal structure of your storage media.
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