Types of Recoveries


Data Recovery provides state of the art clean room data recovery. From hard drives to solid state drives, we are capable of diligently repairing your hard drive and salvaging all the data we possibly can! We have been in business for over 15 years, with free, while you wait estimates and excellent service. When other services say they can repair data, they’re merely referring to commercially available software that anyone can use. Those programs can’t recover data from truly damaged hard drives. If we can provide service to protect sensitive data for our country, we can for you. We provide nationwide service, recovering data from all 50 states and Canada. We will use the cleanroom data recovery to retrieve files from physically damaged discs. We have $100K, topflight machinery that has recovered data for the highest reaches of the country. When even that process is not enough, we have clean rooms available. Our data recovery clean room calls for an entirely sterile room and a manual approach to individually viewing your bad sectors and recovering the data from them. Just one dust particle under your disc drive head is capable of permanently damaging your data beyond recovery. Our clean room is a strictly controlled environment, with no particles or fibers amidst to compromise your data. We will safely open your hard drive, view it under a microscope and carefully examine the damaged sectors and retrieve as much data as we can. We know not all data is salvageable, but we know after our service, we will have as much as possible retrieved. We are one of the few services in North America who offer access to such data recovery machinery at reasonable rates. Most clean room services cost in the tens of thousands. We provide competitive rates because we are dedicated to providing affordable, top of the line service to businesses and individuals across the country and in Canada. Contact Data Recovery MD today for clean room data recovery services!