Hard Drive Problems


Is your hard drive clicking? Is your computer extremely slow? Turn your computer off now, that is a sign of a failing hard drive. You may only have hours. Stressing your hard drive any more will ruin your data and prevent our experts from retrieving any files. Bring your clicking hard drive into our Manhattan offices, or ship it in from anywhere in the United States of Canada for full data recovery. We have been in business for over 15 years, repairing hard drives other services say they can’t. The difference in our approach is experience and technical superiority. Our engineers have 30 years of data recovery experience, serving the highest reaches of our government including the FBI and Military. Our equipment is top $100K, generally accessible only to those willing to pay tens of thousands. Along with this, we offer free, while you wait estimates and a no data, no charge promise, even for items shipped. A clicking hard drive is a sign of imminent physical hardware failure. The clicking or beeping you hear is your disc head trying and failing to reach your platters and access HD data. This state is usually reached through attrition of your hard drive. A hard drive has a shelf life of three years. After that time, the continuous rotation of the platters slows and access to your platter may be compromised. Sectors become defective and harder to reach, and access to your files may be compromised. Once the hard drive is making clicking noise, that means your hard drive is essentially straining to operate and will fail within days or even hours. Once hard drive function fails, it becomes infinitely more difficult to retrieve data. Instead of simply running software to retrieve data we resort to in-depth data recovery, which comes at a higher rate. Don’t go to any other service for your clicking hard drive. They will attempt to sell you a new one. We are capable of a hard drive clicking fix that will surely salvage all of your data.