Types of Recoveries


Do you need to recover deleted files from recycle bin? Data Recovery MD provides comprehensive recycle bin recovery services. We pride ourselves in providing data recovery on storage media other services say they can’t. We will utilize our expertise to recover the data you thought was gone from your computer forever. Come to our New York offices or ship your device in from anywhere in the United States and Canada! For over 15 years, we have provided excellent data retrieval service to individuals, businesses and organizations. Few services in North America offer true Level 3 data recovery, and none offer them at our rates. We provide free estimates and a no data, no charge policy. Understanding how we provide recycle bin recovery services begins with understanding the recycle bin and the hard drive. When computer recycle bins appear empty, there still may be a chance to restore recycle bin. The magnetic coating of a hard drive platter acts much like a VCR or cassette tape. When you delete a file, the sector in the platter is marked as available and the configuration that controls the drive head (which reads from the platter to your motherboard) removes record of the file. That data can be overwritten with enough use of your hard drive, but it’s also possible to scan the hard drive and recover items deleted from recycle bin before they have been overwritten. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience providing data recovery services to the highest reaches of our country. If we can recover data from the FBI and Military, we can surely provide for you. If we aren’t able to recover data from your hard drive, we will ship your device to you at no charge. Beyond deleted recycle bin recovery, we provide true data recovery on physically damaged hard drives. Our $100K DSAT machinery will read your damaged hard drives and retrieve your data. If you need recycle bin recovery or any other services, contact Data Recovery MD today!