Is your computer saying “WD hard drive not recognized”? Do you need Western Digital data recovery? Seek Data Recovery MD. For over 15 years, we have provided industry-leading data recovery solutions for North America. Come to our Manhattan offices or ship your device in from anywhere in the United States and Canada. We don’t rely on commercially available software like other services. We deliver true level 3 data recovery at affordable rates. We are devoted to offering swift, effective, affordable data recovery. Most services can only offer one of the three. Our component level expertise and state of the art data recovery equipment makes us one of the best services in the entirety of North America.
We offer excellent service with free estimates and a no data, no charge policy.

We provide recovery services for the following:

  • Physically damaged hard drives
  • Liquid damaged hard drives
  • Formatted hard drives
  • Corrupted hard drives
  • Retrieving data from healthy hard drives.

No matter the model or size of your hard drive, be assured that we can provide Western digital data recovery. Understanding our process begins with understanding the internal structure of a hard drive. Inside every Western Digital Hard Drive (except solid state drives) are disc like objects called platters, which magnetically store data. The speed in which these circular objects rotate and offer data to the motherboard are called revolutions per minute, or RPM. After years of use, your RPM will slow down as the platters become worn. Between this, bad sectors and a weary drive head (the stem reading data from your platters), the hard drive will eventually lose function. This is where we come in.

Our $100K DSAT machinery will mirror the data from your failing hard drive. Our industry standard cleanroom allows us to manually recover your hard drive’s content in a sterile environment. These services are typically only available for tens of thousands of dollars. At Data Recovery MD, we offer them at exponentially more affordable rates. We believe everyone deserves access to Level 3 data recovery without astronomical rates. Contact LaptopMD today for your Western digital data recovery!