Hard Drive Problems


Data Recovery MD is your source if you’re looking to recover data from formatted a hard drive. With over 15 years providing stellar data recovery service to businesses, organizations and individuals, we have earned a reputation for quality, affordable service. Come to our Manhattan offices, or ship your device in from anywhere in the country. Our $100K machinery is capable of providing forensic level data recovery for formatted hard drives, sd cards, flash drives, and more regardless of condition. If you want to recover files after format of your hard drive, we can deliver your data. We provide the following:

  • Data Recovery for formatted hard drives
  • Data Recovery for formatted SD cards
  • Data recovery from formatted USB drive
  • And more…

No matter the storage media, we will survey the content to recover the deeply embedded media. Other services claim to offer data recovery, but they utilize commercially available software. We are one of the few services in North America capable of providing data recovery from physically damaged, non functioning, formatted hard drives. If your hard drive is broken or formatted, they have no means to recover files from formatted hard drives. We do. We have an industry standard cleanroom available, as well as state of the art machinery with the fastest mirroring speed in the industry.

We understand the internal structure of all forms of storage media. When devices are deleted from your access or you format your hard drive, that doesn’t necessarily mean your data is gone. Most hard drive sectors still retain your data until they are overwritten. We are masters of opening your storage media and finding your data. Our DSAT machinery will read the data from the internal platters of your hard drive even if it’s in failing function.

We deliver level 3 recoveries typically available for tens of thousands of dollars. We provide it at an affordable rate because we believe in offering excellent service at fair rates for everyone. We recover data from formatted device media of all kinds. Contact Data Recovery MD today!