Types of Recoveries


Are you looking to undelete files you may have “permanently” deleted from your hard drive? Come to Data Recovery MD. We provide data recovery service to the entire United States and Canada. Walk into our Manhattan offices seven days a week or ship your storage device media to us. With free, estimates and a no data, no charge policy, we are devoted to providing affordable, effective data recovery solutions. Our $100K machinery and expert know how is typically only available for tens of thousands of dollars. With Data Recovery MD, we can restore deleted files that other services can’t get to. No matter the brand or device, we will put our 30 years of expertise to good use and provide excellent deleted file recovery options. Luckily, when computers say the recycle bin is empty, there still may be a chance of recovering deleted files. The magnetic coating of a hard drive platter acts much like a VCR or cassette tape. When you delete a file, the sector in the platter is marked as available and the configuration that controls the drive head (which reads from the platter to your motherboard) removes record of the file. That data can be overwritten with enough use of your hard drive, but it’s also possible to scan the hard drive and retrieve deleted files before they have been overwritten. We provide the means to restore deleted files with our DSAT. We will scour your hard drive platters to uncover the deleted file if it has not been overwritten. If we can’t recover it, we will return it to you, free of charge. NOTE: Solid State drives are created differently than typical hard drives. When data is deleted from flash media, it’s no longer accessible. Flash media has to be erased completely before any contents can be stored in that spot. If a business, organization or individual in the United States or Canada is looking to undelete files, contact Data Recovery MD today to recover permanently deleted files.