Types of Recoveries


Do you need document recovery on your hard drive? Contact Data Recovery MD today! Walk into our Manhattan offices seven days a week or ship your storage media from anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our experienced engineers have the expertise to find your documents within your hard drive and recover them intact! Whether you need Microsoft word or open office document recovery, we will recover the document on your device. We offer free estimates and a no data, no charge policy.
No matter the brand or type of hard drive you own, we can provide recovery for:

  • Deleted documents
  • Corrupted documents
  • Documents from past Windows installations

Other services say they can provide document recovery but few have a full suite of resources like Data Recovery MD. Most utilize commercially available software that offers a basic data transfer. Those programs are not able to recover corrupted files or deeply embedded documents. We have a state of the art clean room available, as well as $100K DSAT hardware that has the fastest imaging speed in the industry. If your document can be salvaged, we will do it. Not only does our hardware recover documents, it’s configured to do so effectively.

Our hardware parses the sectors of your hard drive in an order that ensures your recovered document is as accurate as possible.

We provide the best service at the most affordable rate in a country. The service we offer is typically only offered for tens of thousands of dollars. We provide our service for businesses, organizations and individuals who ordinarily would not be able to have access to our exclusive data recovery methods.

You can ship to Data Recovery MD from anywhere in the United States or Canada. If we don’t recover lost documents, we pledge to send you back your storage media at no charge. Contact us today for document recovery at the most value in the industry.