Hard Drive Problems


Are you experiencing hard drive failure? Is your computer running extremely slow? Do you hear a clicking, beeping noise? Turn off your computer immediately and come to Data Recovery MD before it’s too late. Our local clients can walkin to our Manhattan offices seven days a week. You can also ship your hard drive to us from anywhere in the country or Canada. We offer free estimates and a no data, no charge policy.
From our engineers with 30 year of expertise, signs your hard drive is failing:

  • Clicking, buzzing, beeping, or other unusual sounds emitting from your drive.
  • Disappearing data and disk errors
  • Being unable to access your operating system; computer not able to recognize your drive
  • Computer crashes when accessing data
  • Extremely slow access times

If your computer is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, cease use of your hard drive. Complete hard drive failure can result in permanent data loss. Your hard drive is comprised of magnetic, circular instruments called platters. Platters are read by a drive head, a stem that feeds data to the motherboard. Over time, this mechanic wears down. Once a clicking noise is heard, that means the drive head is having difficulty reading from the platters. Hard drive failure is imminent.

A hard drive failure recovery is substantially more difficult and expensive than a mere data transfer from a functional hard drive. Don’t waste any time! Our industry leading machinery can mirror the data from your failing drive into a new storage media at the fastest rate in the industry. Our technology is typically only available to law enforcement and large businesses prepared to spend tens of thousands on data recovery.
Our engineers have experience providing the same service for the US military and FBI. We have mastered forensic level recovery of:

  • Hard drives with liquid damage
  • Hard drives with electrical damage
  • Hard drives with mechanical damage
  • Old hard drives that simply no longer work

Come to Data Recovery MD today for your hard drive failure resolution.